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MediChoice™ develops and distributes medical consumable products. We supply an extensive range of products to meet medical and hospital needs. Our product is branded in the marketplace as HospitalChoice™. Our products range from everyday hospital consumables such as; syringes, tubing, surgical dressings and bandages through to operating room consumables, such as; surgical gowns, electrosurgical products and equipment. You can view our extensive range by clicking on our product category link above. We are a global company with a local presence. Our product and labelling is specific to the markets that we trade in. We are committed to building strong, long term relationships with our customers. We guarantee to give our customers the best price, matched with supreme customer service. MediChoice™ works in partnership with our customers to develop and meet their product requirements, hence we are continually updating our product catalogue and services. We have strong long term relationships with our manufacturers and hence can guarantee the quality, service and best price.